The Lince Santa Clara

A Timeless Journey of History and Luxury. An Authentic Destination

A contemporary hotel with a fascinating past. Located in the heart of Vila do Conde, at the intersection of the calm waters of the Ave River and the greatness of the ocean, stands the hotel that now lives within the historic Santa Clara Monastery.

Its uniqueness is not confined to its remarkable architecture, but also extends to its ability to seamlessly blend historical legacy with contemporary comfort and sophistication. This magnificent building, with neoclassical features and exquisite symmetry, it’s a witness to the passage of time and exudes a commanding presence.
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Its origins date back to 1318, the result of a dream by its founders. However, the Monastery as we know it today is the outcome of several renovation works carried out in the 18th century.

At The Lince Santa Clara, the past and present meet harmoniously, guided by the purpose of shaping unforgettable memories in every corner.


Tranquility is timeless.

The hotel offers a total of 87 rooms, including 11 suites, each designated with names that evoke notable figures from nobility, conventual history,
and Portuguese literature, delving into the pages of history associated with the city of Vila do Conde.

Each room, carefully designed, transports Guests to the times of contemplation and serenity of the former Convent of the Poor Clares.


23 a 27 m2 | 2 entre os 160 e 220 x 200 | até 2 adultos

Deluxe Mansard Double

28 a 40 m2 | camas de 180 a 220 x 200 | até 2 adultos

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Restaurants & Bars

A celebration of the senses.

With two restaurants at your disposal—one offering traditional Portuguese gastronomy and the other showcasing the culinary artistry of Chef Vítor Matos—every meal becomes a journey of discovering flavors, aromas, and textures.

Wellness & SPA

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Serenity for the body and soul.

An homage to the Poor Clares, who valued silence, this space has been carefully crafted for serenity and contemplation to become allies in the pursuit of inner harmony. We invite our clients to embark on a journey of self-discovery, where the welcoming silence sets the perfect stage for introspection.

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Connect your story with our history

Sharing experiences, stories, and memories is the enduring essence that guides us on a timeless journey.
Your story will always be ours, intertwining to create a unique and remarkable narrative.


The Lince Santa Clara

Largo Dom Afonso Sanches
4480-946 Vila do Conde


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