The northeast of Azores is considered one of the natural oases on the island of São Miguel. The fusion between the green of the vegetation and the reflection of the waterfalls meets the warmth and true essence of those who live here.



Naturally surprising, this is the Northeast of São Miguel Island in Azores. Known for its exuberant nature, it captivates everyone both by its commitment to leading in the areas of sustainability and by the variety of unforgettable experiences set against a unique natural and cultural heritage. This is why, those who visit don´t take long to come back: more than a destination, a passion.

Unique landscapes that reveal paths to the true meaning of nature, where the climate reveals surprises and invites us to enriching experiences. The stunning São Miguel Island is a true puzzle where each piece is an inspiration for travelers.

The Northeast of the Island is the ideal destination for those looking to disconnect from the world and enjoy the best that Nature has to offer. Allow yourself to live an experience in which the particularities are found in the simplest details.

The distinction of the Azores as “Best Adventure Destination in the World”, awarded by the World Travel Awards, reinforces the Archipelago as a destination of excellence, which will certainly remain in the memory of all those who visit it. Recognized as a paradise, for its gastronomic richness, history, natural charms and friendly people, this prestigious award of the world traveler scene also puts Azores on the map for those who love exciting experiences, full of adventure.

Viewpoints not to be missed...

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Pico da Vara

With an altitude of 1105 m, Pico da Vara is the highest point on the island of São Miguel and is part of the Northeast Basalt Volcanic Complex, which is around 4 million years old. It has a mountainous relief, cut by deep ravines, where torrential streams flow, sometimes permanent.

It has around 1980 hectares and a unique botanical and landscape wealth.

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Arnel Lighthouse in the Northeast (Farol do Arnel no Nordeste)

The Arnel Lighthouse, located at the edge of Arnel, in the extreme northeast of the island of São Miguel, came into operation in November of 1876, being the first lighthouse established in the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

It was built at the end of the 19th century in a context of modernization of the municipality, by the great worker of the Northeast, António Alves de Oliveira. The Arnel Lighthouse has undergone several improvements and adaptations over the years, which have allowed it to reach the present day while maintaining its functions and constituting a landmark in the heritage of the Northeast municipality.

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